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let's sing until our voices go out


26 August 1973

let's sing until our voices go out
Dir en grey OHPMerry OHPYahoo Japan Auctions
Something dropped inside without a sound...

Love which I did not want to know

Because if I did not know the love,
there will be no pain either
A new year and a new layout, but the same priorities in life.
The most important things to me are my family, my friends and my passion for music and travel ~ work is a necessary evil that pays for the good times, of which there have been many.

It was at the start of 2000 that I found Dir en grey, in the days of dial-up connections when 5 minute downloads took 3 hours, pictures were saved on floppy disks and buying goods from Japan was a very expensive hobby. Music here had become stale and boring, but the first time I heard 残-ZAN- I felt a spark of excitement that had been missing for so long.

Over the years so much has changed, in both my life and in Dir en grey's music ~ every album is different and exciting and the best thing about their music is that it never dissapoints. I've had the most amazing time since the moment I discovered them, many trips to Japan and around europe, travelling thousands of miles to follow their tours. I've been to so many, many lives, and made some wonderful friends, and the next time is the thing I'm always wishing for. A thousand happy memories and waiting for a new tour to come around is what keeps me going during difficult times (and there have been many), in fact I'm planning again now

I tend to keep quite a low profile in the fandom due to the constant drama and the fact I work long hours ~ I only add people that have similar interests or that I've met in person.

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Made bymarinshe

Made bymarinshe

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Kyo's Smile is Fucking Cute Sexy Love.

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Made by tetura

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Kyo is Sexy Love

Kyo is Love

made by psyence87

made by psyence87

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